Hip arthroplasty: Total Hip Replacement

Technological advances introduced improvements in this type of surgery as well. Along with the improvement of materials used for arthroplasty, the surgical technique has improved simultaneously. The development of the concept of minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIS) has led to the possibility of using smaller surgical entries (6-8cm). However, the main advantage the minuscule amount of damage done to the muscles is that the approach is more efficient, which in turn causes less damage to the soft tissues and reduces postoperative pains. These treatments enable early loading of the hip joint. After the operation, there is also a smaller loss of blood, and therefore no transfusions are required - it enables early rehabilitation.

Total hip prosthesis consists of three elements:

  • the acetabular: a metal cup and a polyethylene ceramic (or metal) cartridge (embedded in the acetabulum of the pelvis)
  • the head - connecting the acetabulum with the stem
  • the stem (the part embedded in the femur bone)

Total hip replacement

Total hip replacement


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